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It is an indisputable fact to review the top ten keywords of the household appliance industry in 2015

the recession of the household appliance industry this year. Hui 3. In 2015, when the first special structure is about to pass, what do we know or don't know about the household appliance industry in the overall declining environment? The top ten keywords of household appliance industry in 2015 will be presented to you one by one. For the household appliance industry, 2015 has been a bleak and lively year. It is an indisputable fact that the household appliance industry is in recession this year. After more than 10 years of sustained and rapid development of China's home appliance industry and market, from 2015 to the next year, the growth rate of the entire home appliance industry began to slow down, or even decline; At the same time, this is also a busy year. The influx of Internet enterprises has detonated the smart home industry represented by smart TV, which has not only brought crisis to traditional home appliance manufacturers, but also brought more opportunities. Looking back on 2015, what do we know or don't know about the household appliance industry in the overall declining environment? The top ten keywords of household appliance industry in 2015 will be presented to you one by one

household appliance industry

from the three quarter financial reports and performance released by major household appliance manufacturers, on the whole, it is also a large decline. Basically, for color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and small household appliances, it is in an overall downward trend, and the decline is huge, and the growth space is small. In terms of reasons, this round of market weakness is inseparable from the current social and economic environment. It is not difficult to find that after a long period of development, China's economy has fallen from the past double-digit growth to about 7% in a few years, especially the continuous downturn in the real estate industry, which limits the growth of rigid demand for household appliances, the market tends to be saturated, and the overall decline of the household appliance industry is inevitable, and it is necessary to ensure that abnormal noise will not be generated in the use process

the household appliance industry in 2015 still cannot escape the topic of intelligence. This year, in addition to the continuous popularity of smart home represented by smart TV, the concepts of smart kitchen, smart bedroom and smart bathroom have also been put forward one after another, and the smart home has begun to be further improved. However, it seems that all household appliances are intelligent overnight. You are embarrassed to say hello to others if you don't say you are intelligent. However, how many products are pseudo intelligent, simply adding WiFi and other modules to support the operation on mobile devices, so they are called smart. The continuous decline of the market also shows that consumers are not interested in these immature products

ecology, which is often mentioned, represents the product concept of platform + content + Zhejiang's on-site supervision and service of all temperature measuring equipment manufacturers in the province. Recently, it has also appeared in other household appliances, such as some manufacturers have intelligentized their refrigerators and kitchen and bathroom products and added display screens that can display food information, It also supports Video Recipe Teaching and direct ordering of ingredients and private kitchens, trying to create a complete kitchen ecosystem

from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, the war of words in the home appliance industry has never stopped. Major manufacturers are unfriendly about friends and businessmen, especially in the field of smart TV. The dispute between Xiaomi and LETV over the amount of video content, the confrontation between Hisense uled and lgoled, and Skyworth's criticism of Hisense laser TV; At the same time, pptv, Weijing, Fengfeng, popular and other content-based Internet enterprises joined the Internet TV, and most of them took Xiaomi and LETV as the targets to compare, setting off a new round of price war

the most surprising cooperation this year should be the cooperation between LETV and TCL, which is no less important than the cooperation between Suning and Alibaba; In addition, Midea has also cooperated with Xiaomi, Gree and to varying degrees. At the same time, domestic household appliance manufacturers have also begun to take frequent actions internationally, with Changhong obtaining Sanyo brand authorization, Hisense acquiring sharp America factory, and Skyworth receiving Toshiba Indonesia TV and washing machine business. Cooperation and mergers and acquisitions have become a normal situation in the household appliance industry in 2015

there are no rules, and there is no square; No standard, no climate. At present, smart TVs and air purifiers are the hottest areas of household appliances. However, for a long time, smart TVs and air purifiers have lacked corresponding standards, resulting in uneven quality of related products and market chaos, which has seriously affected the development of the industry. To this end, SARFT launched relevant policies, began to block third-party applications, announced the launch of the first batch of 81 illegal applications blocked by industry regulations, and required the seven major licensees to check and correct themselves according to the four requirements, including that televisions and boxes cannot install applications through USB ports; At the same time, the National Standards Commission also issued a new "where is the application of air purifier durometer?" The new national standard (implemented from March 1, 2016) has made clear requirements for the relevant performance of air purification. The implementation of relevant policies and standards in the household appliance industry in 2015 will accelerate the reshuffle of the industry, which is conducive to the further standardization of the industry

the TV technology with the highest attention in 2015 is not OLED, 4K, uled, or laser TV, but split. Split design is not new. The air conditioner we are familiar with actually adopts split design. Samsung, Changhong and Haier have also tried it for a long time in terms of TV; But until recently, with the launch of split TV by Xiaomi, Fengfeng and LETV, this technology has really become hot. After all, the most valuable part of a TV is the screen. Separating the sound and chip into an upgradeable part is really very convenient and considerate, and consumers can accept it more. At the same time, the split design also brings us more imagination, such as a host with two TV screens, and so on

technology has been improving, not only in chips, but also in overall industrial design. This year's home appliances are the most talked about in industrial design. They are light and compact, whether it's TVs, washing machines and small household appliances. Sony, an old TV manufacturer, launched a 4.9mm ultra-thin LCD TV with amazing technology in 2015, once again showing the world its powerful industrial design. Haier, a domestic manufacturer, also launched a very compact handheld washing machine this year, which most people can't guess

on March 20, 2015, the official launch of Sony PS4 of Bank of China marked the official lifting of the 13 year ban on games in China. I thought that console games would usher in explosive development, but although the ban on the sale of game consoles has been lifted, its supervision is still very strict. In practical experience, we found that the game servers of xboxone and PS4 of Bank of China are independent and locked, and cannot communicate with servers in other regions; At the same time, due to the audit, the number of games is still scarce. Players buy other versions of game boards through third-party channels, and the overall experience is not smooth enough. Therefore, lock zone is still a problem that console game lovers have to face for a long time. At the same time, the problems faced by TV boxes are similar

the last key word is haze. Because haze is the normal in 2015, we began to pay more attention to the air purifier industry, and water purifiers have also been developed. But more importantly, the haze will eventually disappear, just like the home appliance industry in the cold winter. Although it is currently bleak and declining, there are opportunities in the crisis, and such days will eventually pass; All we have to do is get ready and wait for the wind to come

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