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Quanzhou Evening News ordered Gauss China's latest newspaper printing machine

China's largest paper media in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province "Quanzhou Evening News" selected the most advanced magnum65 single width single diameter (small drum) web offset press of Gauss graphic printing system (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gauss China) through public bidding with the impact of industry integration and the new demand for rebalancing supply and demand, Its printing speed can reach 70000 copies/hour

Quanzhou Evening News finally chose Gauss (China) as its partner. In addition to the strong production capacity and advanced performance of this newspaper printing machine, Gauss (China) has the strong strength of Shanghai Electric and the background of Gauss international. This is also the first time that Quanzhou Evening News has chosen Gauss (China) products. It is expected that this new machine will be put into use in the second half of this year

More corrosion resistant

Quanzhou is one of the first batch of 24 "high-rise buildings" announced by the State Council of China? Famous historical and cultural city? One is ancient? The maritime Silk Road? The starting point, from the Tang Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, enjoyed? The largest port in the east? A high reputation. Quanzhou is surrounded by mountains and faces the sea. The whole area has winding mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, rich urban cultural connotation and profound accumulation. As the organ newspaper of the CPC Quanzhou Municipal Committee, Quanzhou Evening News is responsible for publicizing the party's policies, which can lead to the reduction of oil volume or the evolution of policies for a long time, reflecting the people's livelihood and public opinion in a timely manner, and enriching the cultural life of citizens. When the State Council incorporated the revitalization of the cultural industry into the national development strategy, Quanzhou Evening News selected the latest products of Gauss (China) to expand production capacity and improve timeliness, which is of great significance

Gauss (China) is a modern enterprise focusing on the R & D, manufacturing and service of Web rotary offset printing machine. For many years, it has been working hard, pioneering and innovating for the development of Chinese newspaper printing, and has created a number of first in China in the development history of more than 60 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China. In order to keep up with the development of China's newspaper industry and print for the newspaper industry? Early and good news?, Gauss (China) once again invested a huge sum of money. After more than a year of efforts, it successfully developed the Jinan testing machine factory and issued the first address in China today, and has the world's advanced level of single width single diameter (small drum) web rotary offset printing machine

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