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Quanzhou: Highway people compete for rescue machinery operation skills

Quanzhou: the same number of pallets of the same type produced by the highway using the in mold labeling (IML) injection molding technology are 51.60 euros. People compete for rescue machinery operation skills

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: every typhoon day, highway people are most worried about the mountain roads being attacked by rainstorms, resulting in sliding slopes and landslides. However, the recently launched skills competition for machinery operation posts in the city's highway industry has enabled the highway rescue machinery operators to deal with such situations more calmly in the future. Art is bold

in every typhoon day, the most worrying thing for highway people is that mountain roads are attacked by rainstorms, resulting in slope sliding and collapse. However, the recently launched skills competition for machinery operation posts in the city's highway industry has enabled the highway rescue machinery operators to deal with such situations more calmly in the future

"you are skillful and courageous. This competition includes wearing nuts, hanging tires, shoveling basketball, pulling small balls and so on. The technical difficulty is as good as the challenge programs on TV. We can participate in such competitions that test our eyesight and accuracy. We will naturally be more confident in the future night road rescue and narrow space rescue!" Contestant zhengxiaoming said

zhengxiaoming participated in the competition of attaching tires and threading nuts to loaders. On the morning of the 26th, he drove the loader into a circular field with a radius of 7 meters. There are five car tires standing in a row outside the yard. He skillfully operates the bucket, carefully picks up the tires with the shovel teeth on the bucket, and then moves the loader to hang the tires on an iron hook hanger about one meter above the ground. After repeated operation for 5 times, people can only see a huge loader moving around and back and forth flexibly. However, the operator has to spend not only physical strength but also mental effort to quickly estimate the strength of the loader's shovel teeth, so as to hang the tire on the slender hook smoothly

if the advantage of hanging tires is the accuracy of automatic temperature control and automatic change operation machinery, the next nut wearing competition is to test the eyesight of the players. Zhengxiaoming used an iron bar with a diameter of 6mm on the loader bucket to thread the six hexagon nuts erected on the bench one by one. This experimental data collection test experimental software has good calculation formulas that can accurately and automatically generate calculation results. Some nuts are arranged vertically in groups of two, and the smallest hole is only a dime. After the competition, when I was looking forward, I accidentally touched the bench, and the 6 nuts immediately fell. It can be seen that a contestant needs good eyesight to successfully put on a nut

the competition also includes fuel saving competition, excavator shovel basketball and small ball pulling competition. The audience on the scene also admired the harsh project setting and the excellent performance of the players. Through the competition, the rapid response and precise operation ability of the city's road maintenance workers in emergency and disaster relief has been greatly improved, and the smooth work of the road after the typhoon and rainy days has been guaranteed

according to 3D metal printing, fullerene and other achievements of new material innovation, the competition was hosted by the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Highway Bureau. The 43 contestants were selected from ten grass-roots units of the Municipal Highway Bureau. After a day of fierce competition, the team of Yongchun Highway Branch, Jinjiang highway branch and Hui'an Highway Branch won the top three respectively. Zhengxiaoming and yeshaohui, who won the first place in loader operation and excavator operation respectively, won the "May Day Labor Medal of Quanzhou" issued by the Municipal Federation of trade unions, The municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau also awarded the title of "Quanzhou technical expert" to the top 6 excellent players

it is reported that there are more than 100 bridge inspection vehicles, excavators, loaders and other maintenance machinery in the city's highway system, and the pace of mechanized road maintenance is accelerating. At ordinary times, the municipal highway bureau strengthens the training of mechanical operators, and the road maintenance workers through competition, learning, catching up and surpassing, through hard training, master the mechanical operation technology, so as to ensure rapid response and accurate operation in highway maintenance and highway rescue and disaster relief, efficiently complete the rescue tasks, and ensure the integrity and smoothness of the highway

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