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Shangrao Dingtai vertical machine tool dtx1160 machining center protective cover ordering data

Shangrao Dingtai vertical machine tool dtx1160 machining center protective cover ordering data

article source: JINDA machine causes deformation due to torsion of the test piece release time: 03:40:32

product brand JINDA machinery non-metallic impact testing machine model customized production city Cangzhou, Hebei Cangzhou shipment City Cangzhou, Hebei 10000 minimum initial order 1 product unit price 10000 Quantity unit product details

Shangrao Dingtai vertical machine tool dtx1160 machining center protective cover ordering data

Yanshan JINDA Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of machine tool accessories. Its main products include: grinder protective cover, boring and milling machine protective cover, boring machine protective cover, machining center protective cover, plastic drag chain, steel aluminum drag chain, etc. welcome customers in need to consult and purchase

service mode: our factory provides all-round services for products before, during and after sales. Customers can provide customized drawings, samples and data. Our factory can also send people to the site for measurement, installation and maintenance

[must be read by the buyer] all products of the company support online transactions and must be signed by the buyer. If others collect them on behalf of the buyer, they shall bear the corresponding responsibility for signing by the buyer. Standard models of products are available in stock, which can be delivered within the same day of ordering (except for customized products). Many products of our company are customized according to size, and many product models are too numerous. The prices cannot be indicated separately. Please inquire about the sales price. If tax is required, please explain to the sales staff that

[customized products] as customized products cannot be used by customers, our company accepts the classification of the method for measuring the friction coefficient of returned films, and re customizes the appropriate product

stainless steel plate. It is brushed before bending without spraying, Aluminum plates are generally treated by oxidation, and different oxidation base colors are selected according to different colors of spraying, including black and natural color oxidation. Surface pretreatment can clean the surface, significantly improve the adhesion of the film, and double the corrosion resistance of the film. The cleaning process is to clean the workpiece first, hang the workpiece on the assembly line, first pass through the cleaning solution (alloy degreasing powder), then enter the clean water, then pass through the spray area, then pass through the drying area, and finally remove the workpiece from the assembly line. After surface pretreatment, the spraying process is started. When the workpiece is required to be sprayed after assembly, the hole on the workpiece is sealed with a small piece of paper inside the workpiece and fixed with a high-temperature resistant tape to prevent it from being scattered inside the workpiece during spraying. The nut (flange) hole visible on the outer surface of the workpiece is protected with a screw to prevent tooth return at the nut (flange) hole of the workpiece after spraying. Some large batches of workpieces also use tooling protection

the main factors affecting the guiding accuracy of the guide rail protective cover of the machine tool include: the precision of the guide rail, the contact precision of the guide rail, the construction method of the guide rail, the moving guide rail of the NC machine tool, the NC gear processing machine tool, etc. Most of the rough machined machine tool protective covers work intermittently, so impact loads will be generated and accompanied by boundary lubrication. Therefore, appropriate annual, good lubrication performance and extreme pressure resistance performance should be considered. The external fabric is three proof cloth, and the steel wire has a hard support ring, which can work normally at 110 ℃ and 40 ℃ at low temperature. If the diameter and length are specified by the user. The common cooling systems are air cooling system, water cooling system, vortex cooling, freon cooling and ammonia cooling. In addition, a buffer system is required between the drive plate, the chip scraping plate and the chip suction plate. The purpose of the slider buffer system is to reduce collision, noise and friction. Generally, the ratio of shield is 150, and shield products with larger or smaller ratio can also be made according to user requirements. We have also made a lot of elaboration on its structure and other parameters in the previous technical articles

the factory solemnly declares that:

1. Sign the product quality assurance certificate and promise - unqualified products will never leave the factory

2. Provide product quality tracking service within one year, and keep customer service records in archives for 20 years

3. Due to product quality problems, our factory will guarantee, return and replace products to meet customer requirements

4. Product specification: customized according to the customer's requirements

5. Price Description: through negotiation, the price will be updated at any time according to the rise and fall of the product quantity

it can also be stainless steel according to the requirements. Special surface polishing will increase its value. Manufacturing procedure and material cutting: refers to the process that the material passes through the plate cutting machine to obtain the rectangular workpiece. Blanking: refers to the process that the workpiece is cut by laser or cut by CNC punch taking PVC filling as an example. Blanking: refers to the process of using a die to process the product shape on an ordinary punch or other equipment. Punching: refers to the process that the workpiece is processed by ordinary punching machine and die. Bending: refers to the process in which the workpiece is formed by a bending machine. Forming: refers to the process of deforming the workpiece by using a die on an ordinary punch or other equipment. Hole drawing: also called "flanging", it refers to the process of turning up the edge of a round hole on the workpiece by using a die on an ordinary punch or other equipment. Process. Tapping: refers to the process of machining internal threads on the workpiece. Reaming: refers to the process of turning a small hole on a workpiece into a large hole with a drill or milling cutter. Counterbore: refers to the connection fitting similar to countersunk head screw

installation form of steel plate protective cover:

1 If the user installs the protective cover by himself, our factory can provide technical guidance or guidance for the installation of the protective cover

2. Our factory provides installation and commissioning services for protective covers. Our factory will send technicians to the customer's equipment site for installation and commissioning of protective covers dgyuw1567bsuh

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