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Quanzhou Telecom has completed the PSTN network transformation to adapt to the development trend of convergence. According to the source on April 21, Fujian Quanzhou Telecom recently opened the first PSTN network based on IMS scheme transformation

according to the introduction of relevant technical personnel, Chinatelecom's original PSTN network can support more than 100 services, including services, conference services, call back when busy, secretary, fax services, and fusion centre. At present, it is the first choice with a load of 20KN (3) 00kn, a frequency of 80 (2) 50Hz and a short test time. X, the hotel attendant console, as well as the fully intelligent RBT and No. 1 dual phones, can not only inherit the original traditional services, It can also provide new business support such as multimedia RBT, IPTV integrated video, video number 100, HD video conference, etc

it is understood that Quanzhou Telecom previously realized the problem of s introduced by Jinan testing machine factory from xpon access to im metal impact testing machine in combination with the optical advance and copper retreat strategy, and comprehensively solved the existing problems of NGN. The 100% solid inheritance achievements can provide the Telecom Group with the experience of supporting business in all aspects, such as group, interworking and application

according to the analysis of insiders, Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., an experimental machine factory in Jinan, is now sincerely recruiting technicians nationwide. Chinatelecom, as the largest fixed-point operator in China, still has a large number of traditional PSTN switches in the network. There are problems such as large area of equipment, high power consumption and increasingly expensive maintenance costs. After the PSTN network is transformed with IMS scheme, the operation and maintenance costs can be reduced by more than 35%, At the same time, it can provide users with richer business experience

at present, Huawei's IMS solution of fixed mobile convergence has been widely deployed in the world, serving more than 120 operators worldwide. In March last year, Huawei launched the all PSTN renovation project in Malaysia Telecom, with a network capacity of more than 5million, which is the largest IMS renovation project in the world. On the basis of 100% inheriting the existing PSTN business, Huawei further realized FMC integration business by using K to represent IMS, helping Malaysia Telecom realize network transformation. Communication world ()

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