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Repsol launched new PP material for automobile lightweight

Spanish oil and chemical giant Repsol recently announced that it has successfully developed a new type of PP suitable for automobile lightweight applications through cooperation with Antonin, a Spanish automobile manufacturer, and 3M company

the name of the new grade PP is Repsol isplen pf179ev, which contains traditional filler and 3M glass vesicles (a hollow microsphere with a calculation formula of 4.2.1 octave). Repsol said that this material is designed to reduce the weight of parts while retaining the required mechanical properties, such as elasticity and scratch resistance

Repsol's factory in Tarragona, Spain

Antonin group has used this material to produce the trunk door interior trim strip, which has been applied to new compact cars. It has been proved that this material can significantly reduce weight. Repsol said that the weight of the final parts was reduced by 9.3%

Repsol was established in September, 1987. It is the largest industrial company in Spain. Its business includes exploration and production, refining and sales, chemical industry and natural gas

1 in general, there are 2 (5) sets of standby variable speed gears because the measuring system of the experimental machine produced by Jinan Ruima can automatically collect data Antonin group of Spain is a first-class supplier in the automotive industry, mainly producing automotive interior parts. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive interior parts and one of the world's largest roof suppliers

3m company, the full name of Minnesota Mining and machinery manufacturing company, was established in 1902. Its headquarters are now located in St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota, the United States. It is a world-famous diversified multinational enterprise

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