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Replaced by robots, the Philippine call center seats are facing changes. News from CTI Forum on March 9 (compiled by Lao Qin): due to being replaced by software, the call center seats are willing. Saint Ken Santo Domingo changed his job. This wave of automation threatens thousands of people in the local outsourcing industry

the 25-year-old said that he answered at least 30 times a day, which came from angry customers who asked about credit card charges. He said that his company has automated this process, resulting in a 90% reduction in the number of calls requiring manual processing

he said: instead of fighting, many young customers are now going to solve their disputes with the bank

saint Santo Domingo found another job in the call center, a travel service company. Instead of answering, he replies to emails or provides chat service support for customers

he said that since the job market in the call center became very uncertain, he was planning his future study

he said: in the next few years, I plan to grasp the knowledge of glass beads and calcium silicate cloud, which will be the source of BPO demand in the next few years

the reality of artificial intelligence

in January this year, Ernesto Pernia of the social and Economic Planning Commission urged the BPO industry to improve staff skills, saying that as enterprises are more and more inclined to artificial intelligence, the growth of the industry is slowing down

this will be more difficult in the coming years. It will appear here. This is a reality. It is artificial intelligence, Pernia said

compared with competitors, higher skills will bring competitive advantages to Philippine or very effective BPO employees who are difficult to add support in the pipe wall. Rey Untal, chairman of the Philippine it and business process outsourcing Association of the Philippines, said that these jobs are more remunerated and safer

contrary to popular belief, process automation is not to replace manual work, but to help them, Untal told abc-cbn

Try to reduce energy consumption "

Untal quoted the industry's Roadmap as saying that from 2016 to 2022, 43000 skilled workers with no oil flow from the return pipe of low oil delivery valve will be unemployed, but at the same time, 697000 medium and high-tech jobs will be vacant

bpo is cooperating with the government to help call center agents upgrade their skills to the level of higher value industries, such as medical information management, software development and data analysis

call center agents need to take a more proactive approach to self-improvement. Education and skill development can enable them to acquire the latest industry standard skills and make themselves more competitive in the job market. Untal said

site coo Craig Raines said that human contact is still needed in the operation of the call center. He cited digital assistants such as Siri of apple and Alexa of Amazon. When the program cannot fully understand this problem or request, users will run into a wall

emotion will be the main added value. Human contact will be the main difference of any enterprise. Based on these trends, we just don't believe that automation and robotics will completely eliminate human experience, he said

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