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On October 9, 2018, the launching ceremony of the innovation and Entrepreneurship Week was held in Chengdu, the main venue. Hanzheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, and six representatives of national outstanding innovation and entrepreneurs inserted the "light of innovation and entrepreneurship" torch into the launching installation to jointly launch the 2018 national innovation and Entrepreneurship Week. Among the six representatives, one entrepreneur in the UAV industry has attracted much attention, namely Renbin, chairman of Chengdu Zongheng. As an emerging industry developed in recent years, UAV has developed into a business card of Chengdu, and is also a force that can not be ignored in the national new science and technology field. It needs to undergo repeated modification and verification in the process

Ren bin, the chairman of Chengdu Zongheng, attended the launching ceremony of the innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.

Ren Bin said in an interview with the media, "it is a great honor to be able to participate in the launching ceremony of the innovation and Entrepreneurship Week today as an entrepreneur representative. As an industrial UAV enterprise, we must always maintain our innovation ability, and only innovation can lead the market."

Chengdu Zongheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zongheng) was founded in 2010. With UAV flight control and navigation, embedded software and hardware development, UAV avionics system integration and UAV application software development as core technologies, it is one step ahead in the industrial UAV field

as the pioneer of vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV in China, Zongheng has a complete technical reserve and mature product series of kilogram industrial UAV. According to Renbin's interview with Yuchen, in order to meet the market demand, the company has expanded its production scale this year. Now it has 10000 square meters of standardized plant and implemented lean management. It has an actual production capacity of 2000 industrial UAVs per year. At present, it is valued at 3billion yuan

Chengdu Zongheng vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV

in addition to the leading product "Dapeng series" UAV flight platform, Zongheng continues to meet the needs of users with product and technological innovation, such as industrial camera, multi pin camera, lidar electronic universal experimental machine, national standard optical radar, "one machine multi-purpose" and so on. At the same time, based on Dapeng flight platform, Zongheng cooperates extensively with partners, interacts closely with users, and continuously integrates various mission equipment and related data processing software, from products to high-quality products, from high-quality products to systems, and from systems to solutions. At present, it has five types of cw-007, CW-10, cw-20, cw-30 and cw-100 and more than 20 vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV product lines

2018 launch ceremony of the national innovation and Entrepreneurship Week

this innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, taking cw-007, a lightweight player in this year's new conference, as the exhibition point, will bring you solutions for various industries of vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAVs

it is worth mentioning that due to its outstanding innovation ability, at the 2016 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation week, Zongheng became the only UAV enterprise in Chengdu that had been invited to participate in the exhibition. At that time, cw-20 Dapeng UAV was on display

in an interview with the media, Ren Bin said: "at present, the annual sales volume of our industrial UAVs has reached hundreds to thousands, and the market share of vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAVs has reached more than 70%, which is now recognized as the industry leader." At the same time, as the president of Chengdu UAV Association, Ren bin believes that the current UAV market has transitioned from a frenzied stage to a rational stage, and UAV enterprises will become more and more concentrated. In the future, UAVs will have huge development space in industry and military civilian integration, which will also bring new opportunities for the innovative development of Chengdu UAV industry

when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, Ren Bin said that innovation actually comes from a lot of seemingly obvious ideas, but it cannot become a valuable innovation without going deep into it and thinking about materials, structures and other details. On this basis, we will promote and popularize new technologies, that is, entrepreneurship

2018 national innovation and Entrepreneurship Week activity site

since the State Council decided to establish the "innovation and entrepreneurship" week in 2015, it has been successfully held for three times. The 2018 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation week was held from October 9 to 15. With the theme of "high-level mass entrepreneurship and innovation, high-quality development", the week will set up the main venue in Chengdu and the venue in Beijing. The production and construction of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang, such as the process performance, stability, reliability, personalized customization The openness of software and other aspects can not be matched by foreign products, and the Corps will also be held at the same time

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