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A farmer in Qujiang invented an orange packing machine. Oranges go in from one end and come out from the other end two seconds later. They have been packed. Recently, the purpose of Qujiang's research on brain computer interface is to hope that shurongxiang, a villager in Shanglin village, Zhou's hometown in this new technology zone, invented this time-saving and labor-saving packaging machine, which can pack more than 200 kilograms of oranges per hour, eight times that of manual packaging

"in the busy farming season every year, the villagers sit together and pack oranges. They repeat the same action from morning to night. It's really hard to have back pain at the end of the day." Shurongxiang told me that in order to relieve this time-consuming and labor-consuming pain, he had an idea: if we could invent a machine for wrapping oranges, wouldn't it reduce a lot of burden for the villagers? Thinking about it, shurongxiang plunged into the invention of this kind of packaging machine. It has been five years. After numerous failures and rework, shurongxiang finally made this "simple fruit plastic film packaging machine" in January this year, and received the acceptance notice of the invention patent application of "simple fruit plastic film packaging machine" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office

in the process of invention, shurongxiang encountered many difficulties and reworked countless times. " I almost wanted to give up several times, but I firmly believed that my theory was right, so I put the trouble of failure behind me and continued to work hard. " Shurongxiang told him that he had not read any professional books, but he was interested in machines since he was a child. He often disassembled and installed all kinds of machines. "The packaging machine was also invented with his own imagination."

it is understood that shurongxiang's family produced more than 10000 kg of oranges last year. He and his wife packed oranges from the early morning to the late night every day, and it took more than a dozen days to complete the work. If they used a packaging machine for three days, it would be OK

"it's too tired to pack oranges every year. Rongxiang invented this packaging machine, especially the microcomputer controlled electronic experimental machine. Its safety protection function and other performance devices are very good. I hope this machine can be used this year, and I won't suffer from the pain of packing oranges any more." After shurongxiang's neighbors heard about it, many people are ready to buy the machine he invented to pack oranges this year, which will surpass other types of plastic machine products

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