Sugar fruit's joys and sorrows mud wood paint deco

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Decoration is a time-consuming and laborious work for many people, and many things need to be done by themselves. Especially for working people, they understand that time is a valuable asset. The decoration of tangxiaoguo's house just coincided with the Chinese new year, so the construction period was much longer. She thought she could take this opportunity to have a good rest, but she didn't think she was still so busy. During this period, many unexpected things also happened

house information: 76 ㎡

decoration style: Mediterranean

decoration method: half package

community: Shanghai Shanlin crescent

decoration progress: the whole process of mud wood paint

decoration duration: 3 months

floor tiles will be paved on January 10, 2014

in order not to damage the labor achievements of the master, I was turned away ~ I took a picture far away

January 16, 2014. The decoration was self-employed

I haven't changed it for a few days ~ I'm so busy these two days that I often work overtime until midnight, so I really don't care about the decoration! First, update the installation of the water heater at the sky high price: the history of blood and tears, install 1100&hellip& hellip; Although I had done my homework before, I still got this cut, and I heard it. First of all, the exhaust pipe must be connected to the outer wall. Because the home has to go through the bathroom, the whole one must be selected for safety reasons, and there can be no joints. 3 meters + the distance is almost 300 + is the pipe in the figure

then the big end is the gas pipe, and the 6-point corrugated pipe is 60/M. the gas meter is 480 meters from the stove to the water heater, If you decorate the platoon leader, it seems that you also need to charge 400 + other quick connect 6*20, ball valve, tee and so on. That's all

the Spring Festival on February 15, 2014

the workers have gone home for the holiday, and there has been no update recently. During this period, I also received cordial condolences from Xiao design and Zhu DUI. Zhu Dui friendly arranged a number of home assignments, and I was ashamed to say that I had not completed &hellip& hellip;

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