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Product quality is the key to whether an enterprise can be based on its peers. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the first China Quality Conference, Zhibang kitchen cabinet specially held a quality month activity to realize the participation of all staff and jointly promote the improvement of product quality

"promote three transformations and build a strong country with quality". The industry leader Zhibang kitchen cabinet thoroughly implemented the spirit of the first China Quality Conference and took product power as the foothold for development, Mobilize the whole company to enhance quality awareness, actively participate in the construction of quality power, and improve product quality and realize brand value in combination with the needs of the company in the new stage of development

constantly pursue excellence, and quality is the lifeline of products

in order to strengthen the publicity of quality awareness, consolidate the foundation of quality management, and realize the improvement of product quality, Zhibang kitchen cabinet manufacturing system comprehensively implemented the first quality month of Zhibang kitchen cabinet. Establish a mode of training first, process control, and strict control of nonconforming products, so as to achieve full participation, encourage people to overcome difficulties, and promote the continuous improvement of product quality

for more than one month, through the methods of "quality awareness publicity and education", "QC scheme improvement" and "unqualified management", the spirit of joint efforts, full participation, brainstorming and full implementation of the employees in the manufacturing system was stimulated, and a working atmosphere of "everyone attaches importance to quality, everyone creates quality, and everyone enjoys quality" was created

practice brings true knowledge. In the 2014 national "quality month" enterprise quality integrity initiative special activity, Zhibang kitchen cabinet won the honorary title of "national excellent typical enterprise of quality integrity"

adhere to the road of quality, and honor is the stepping stone to progress.

"persistence, persistence will pay off. There is no shortcut to improve quality. We can only calm down, accumulate and precipitate, so that our manufacturing advantages can be highlighted and our professional focus can be reflected." Xiao Qingping, vice president of Zhibang kitchen cabinet production, expressed his high recognition for the "quality month" activity of the manufacturing system, and pointed out that the activity of quality month should be adhered to, constantly improve product quality, and highlight professional focus

in November, Zhibang's quality improvement road was practiced and realized. The manufacturing system should be reorganized and established a long-term mechanism for quality management, improve quality management documents, give priority to process prevention, training first, implement the quality inspection system, and carry out the system first, then implement/inspect, and then summarize in the form of monthly quality PK. The improvement of product quality, many procedures and heavy tasks are only for strengthening the foundation of the enterprise and realizing brand value

since its establishment, Zhibang cabinet has entered its 16th year. Adhering to the concept of the perfect combination of "healthy kitchen" and "excellent quality", it always adheres to the tenet of integrity, performs social responsibilities, and strictly controls the quality of products, so that consumers can enjoy a good home life with superior quality





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