What are the benefits of spring decoration

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Wood is more stable

in spring, the temperature and humidity are relatively appropriate, the wood is not prone to moisture deformation, has better stability, and has less concerns about storage and use

good ventilation

the decoration in spring has good ventilation, which is conducive to the volatilization of indoor water and can shorten the construction period. The climatic conditions in spring are conducive to controlling the moisture content of wood materials below 13. Generally, if the moisture content of wood exceeds this standard, the change of thermal expansion and cold contraction will be very obvious, which will affect the construction quality

moderate temperature

the temperature in spring is moderate, not high or low, very comfortable. For construction workers, construction in a comfortable environment is conducive to improving construction efficiency and shortening the construction period; For the owner, the comfort of going out to select materials and on-site supervision is also relatively high

there are many discounts in the decoration market

in the new year, many decoration companies and building materials merchants will launch some promotional activities in order to launch a new look and get business. The decoration company may launch some decoration preferential activities, and the building materials market will also sell the materials that were not sold out last year at a discount, so as to give a discount for new products to seize the market and improve the user experience. For owners, choosing this time to decorate can save a lot of expenses

the above is the benefits of spring decoration. Because there are many benefits of spring decoration, many owners who close their houses at the end of the year are ready to start construction in spring. At the right time, Wuhan home decoration network provides decoration bidding services for the majority of Wuhan owners. You only need to enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network and fill in your name, phone number, community and other decoration information to participate in the bidding, According to your requirements, the platform can select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure the room for free and formulate decoration plans. The details are OK





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