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House prices remain high, and small houses have become the first choice for people who just need them. Each space in small houses is very limited, especially for the kitchen, how can the design ensure both appearance and practicality

rule 1. Simplicity: avoid "many patterns"

for closed kitchens, you must not use colorful colors, patterns with strong three-dimensional sense and decorative materials with strong light and dark contrast, which will visually appear very narrow. Light colors, light colors or bright colors are good choices for kitchens

rule 2. First choice: L-type

small family kitchens are generally long and narrow, and the most suitable is to make an L-shaped layout to form a "triangular space", which is the most comfortable spatial layout in the kitchen design. The sink, console and stove can be designed according to the usage habits, which is convenient for operation

rule 3. Connecting meals and kitchens

if you choose the open design integrating meals and kitchens, you can greatly improve the utilization rate of space and solve the problem of insufficient space. Sometimes, due to the narrow area, the traditional kitchen design can only keep the kitchen people busy, and others can't help if they want to intervene. If it is the design integrating meals and kitchens, relatives and friends can give you a hand when you cook, And I can chat with you, which adds a lot of fun to cooking

Rule 4. The overall cabinet is the most affordable

don't be deterred from the overall cabinet because the kitchen is only a few square meters. In fact, the overall cabinet is customized, and small space will also produce large energy. The advantage of the whole cabinet is to make effective use of every inch of space, and every corner will not be wasted

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