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Affected by the continued irregular rise in raw material quotations, price adjustments of some manufacturers and commodities will become normal. If there is a price war, there will naturally be price increases. Subject to the rise in raw material prices for several months in a row last year, the market prices of monkey tail chicken head continued to rise

for "e; Quotation war "e; This kind of competition means of manufacturers' malls has no " Original sin "e; And "e; Right or wrong "e;. Vicious quotation war will exist in many professions, and the quotation war of door and window profession has always been crazy. In order to seize the market share, small and medium-sized manufacturers have intensified the quotation war, and the price reduction space is getting smaller and smaller, which has also led to severe results. Small and medium-sized manufacturers lack shopping malls, and some small and medium-sized manufacturers rely on the low price strategy to share the market. However, with the promotion of the quotation war, the profit space is getting smaller and smaller, there is no surplus, and consumers are also bound to pay for the quotation war, so small and medium-sized manufacturers participate in the competition, Instead of pinning expectations on the quotation war, we should take up the brand weapon and compete at the brand level

in some regional shopping malls, vicious quotation wars often appear. In order to make a surplus, many miscellaneous brands and Shanzhai manufacturers fiddle with accessories and raw materials. Small hotels and guesthouses are greedy for a moment of cheap installation. Less than two or three years after the installation, the goods show problems, but the dealers are anonymous, which has a severe impact on the environment of the whole shopping mall, resulting in the reverse period of the implementation of doors and windows

it can be said that the final effect of quotation war, a double-edged sword, usually depends on the ability and level of the operator. Some manufacturers are poor in strength, and fighting a quotation war is a suicide attack; Some manufacturers have strong strength, so they want to suggest that the shopping malls reshuffle. Different talents, different intentions, and naturally different results

when the quotation is more and more clear today, if door and window manufacturers want to stand on the market and share a share, the more important thing is to develop skills, innovate and establish a strong brand. The development of the door and window industry requires the implementation of professional skills standards to enable manufacturers to compete in an orderly manner, and enhance the independence and innovation of manufacturers to promote the development of energy-saving industry




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